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My name is Genesys, I am a 25-year-old single-mom of two, full-time student, full-time worker.. And Just Like That, This is Where my Post Starts!

Within my first sentence I provided you all with the basic labels that I spoke over myself, that may be true, BUT is so much more effective than it may seem. You see, if I wasn’t careful, I would allow the labels that those around me placed on me, to define me.

When you think about it, from the time you were born to the present, our outward characteristics are defined for us and checked into a box across your birth certificate, driver’s license, job applications, marriage license, and eventually even on our death certificates. We are defined in check boxes of our family origins, race, ethnicity, and physical appearances. We are labeled. From there it just isn’t enough because then society and surroundings label us successful or a failure, reckless or responsible, qualified or inexperienced, extrovert or introvert, too much or just.. not.. enough. Without thinking we allow these labels to place us in a small box and our ambitions and perspectives on life seem to shift not able to hear the cry from within, or that small still voice reminding us that you are His workmanship [Ephesians 2:10], that you are chosen [Jeremiah 1:5], and that you are to be different than everyone else [Romans 12:2] because you were made ON purpose FOR a purpose [Psalm 57:2]!

Let’s come back to our grade school self, playing at recess, sticking our tongues out to those boys and girls saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”

Where is that strength now?

We can be so destroyed by names that it wrecks our heart posture and that stiff upper lip we had on that recess playground might look great on the outside, but how shattered are you within? These labels and words can bring us to our knees quicker than we even have opportunity to start our lives. Especially when those names, those labels, they reveal some type of truth, a partial truth, or even at best a misleading one, but some type of killer of confidence. If we sit long enough on these false characteristics in our hearts and mind, we then forget the promises of God on our lives and missing God’s truths about WHO we are and WHOSE we are, so much so that we find our personalities from pieces of those ‘friends’ around us, and our fashion from icons we will never meet, and our taste buds from others IG posts, and we begin to find all the flaws in our own lives and bodies from those unrealistic filtered images we come across on the internet.. all the while we miss the purpose God placed on us from conception because we are labeled and allowed the world to define who ‘Genesys’is and not who we are CALLED to be.

What I have learned through experience is this, when there is a war between my heart and my head, the only thing I can do is pick up my Bible and fight front line waging war on my insecurities, on the enemies tactics, and the false labels placed over me. I remind myself that I AM the daughter of the Most High, that I was made on purpose WITH a purpose, that I AM Chosen, that I am more than a conquer, and the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in me! You see, our heads can know that God loves us and forgives us, while our hearts and emotions cry out ‘what’s wrong with me?’ ‘why am I not good enough?’ and ’I can’t do anything right!’

  • these low blows provide us with a sense of worthlessness and rejection, because that is what the enemies tactics are!

The Bible tells us “the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy”

BUT immediately following it says, “I came to give you life, and life more abundantly!” [John 10:10]

If you are struggling with your identity, shut the world off! Get back to the root of Y O U! You were not created to be labeled, to be placed in a box, or to look like everyone else.


Return to the word of God that is timeless and doesn’t change. The truth is in God’s word, that circumstance and those people will change and fade.

So, with that being said, my name is Genesys, I am a 25-year-old anointed mother to the most outgoing confident little boy named Jeremiah and a future mountain mover daughter named Ariella. I have been labeled worthless, too far gone, irresponsible, not good enough, and the list goes on.. BUT I speak over myself and all the women and men around me that I am Chosen, I am beautiful, I am Confident, and I have a calling on my life and my children’s life that NO ONE can take away from me.


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