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We OVERCOME By The Blood Of The Lamb And The word Of Our Testimony


At Overcome We...

Find strength through vulnerability


Provide community to those who, despite it all, survived


Find freedom in the Holy Spirit

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“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it but whoever loses their life for me and my kingdom will save it.” - Luke 9:24

The story of my life has been overcoming abuse. Starting when I was a young girl and continuing throughout my growing up years my view of men was distorted at a young age. But it didn’t really hit me until my freshmen year of college when I entered into a two-year long abusive relationship.

I had accepted the things he did to me and told myself I deserved it. I told myself that I needed to settle because I wasn’t worthy of anything better than that. I thought very little of myself and didn’t allow Jesus to be my source of strength.

But GOD!

Two years in, I worked up the courage to leave that relationship for good. Shortly after, God called me to move to Florida. What I thought was God calling me to the next best thing was actually God calling me to solitude. For my first two years in Florida, God kept me all to himself. God so graciously stripped everything away from me until all that was left was him.

Through many months of intense therapy and a lot of one-on-one time with Jesus, he slowly started to put the pieces back together but he didn’t allow me to become the young insecure girl I was before. No, this time, he rebuilt me into the woman he has called me to be. And NOW I have the incredible opportunity to serve and disciple others through the ministry God has called me to.

You don’t have to stay stuck BUT you can’t get out of it without Jesus.

The very thing that once terrified me (the idea of marriage) is now something that excites me. The very thing I used to run away from is now the thing I wait so patiently for. When Jesus is your foundation, EVERYTHING changes.

I’m in the process of losing my life for him and it’s the most beautiful journey I’ve ever been on."

- Lindsey Hull